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About us

Every Christian is to accurately represent Christ here on earth. Accurate representation requires accurate doctrine and teaching – which in turn affects who we relate to, how we govern, where we are headed and what we become.

For the Body to grow into the full stature of Christ, it is vital to explore, grasp and practice the proceeding truth that is sent from the mouth of God in this season.

We must re-examine and replace hand-me-down concepts with revelation drawn out of the matrix of truth – so that the church no longer remains stagnant or captive in traditional or intellectual straitjackets and wineskins.

The intent of this website is to transform wineskins so that they are ready for the new wine that God wants to pour out in this season of reformation. May you hear with listening ears, with Berean curiosity and meekness of heart so that mindsets are restructured and the word becomes flesh in you.